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The Blare Group offers many services, but we will focus on the hosting stuff here.

Who Are We

We are The Blare Group! We’re an agency that offers a group of services and web solutions for people across the internet.

Our Plans

We have four plans to help you with making noise online (Whisper, Talk, Scream, and Yell). Each plan comes with amazing speeds, top-notch security, and great support. 

Your Awesome Host



In the unlikely event that you get hacked, we’ll make sure we get you back running asap.



The sites that we host on our platform have an uptime of 99.9%. That means that your site is always available.



Our WordPress experts are always available to help you out. Send an email to us and we’ll respond asap.



Our technology ensures that your website loads as quickly as possible. 



We routinely back up your entire WordPress website.



Need a website built. We can even take care of development and design.

Why Blare?

We’re cool! Not enough? Maybe this can help….

Powered by the Google Cloud Platform, Blare Hosting is able to offer top speeds for every website that we host.

If your site somehow gets hacked, we’ll do whatever we can to restore. We are are also always scanning for malware. And we constantly back up the sites on our platform.

With the Scream Hosting Package by the Blare Group, we offer customer support and edits 24/7. Just send an email to our support team to get started.

Need to make quick change to your site. Users of the Scream Package can request edits to their site at anytime.

The Numbers

Here are some stats that he hold

Team Pizzas Eaten
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Prevented Attacks

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